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Max Rive Tutorials Bundle 25282020 Update2529 1
Max Rive Tutorials Bundle 25282020 Update2529 Download Free
Max Rive Tutorials Bundle 25282020 Update2529 Free Download
Max Rive Tutorials Bundle 25282020 Update2529 Free Now
Max Rive Tutorials Bundle 25282020 Update2529 Free

The unique technique of this video: Color Painting, Color Object painting, Adding Mist, Highlight recovery, manual distortion removal – manual perspective control – selective color + color balance techniques – adding light from the side – unique contrast control technique – preparing a photo for Instagram for best engagement

An all NEW processing video with next-generation processing workflow: adding realistic-looking light on the side: in-camera raw and photoshop. Also dodge and burning from different photos, perfect color balance, creating separation with selective colors. manual distortion removal, warping for Instagram Crop, resizing with manual sharpening and more. This video is meant to create the best image quality possible and has a duration for 4 hours. This technique is different than the layer mask technique.

Put your post-processing to the next level thanks to this demonstration of never seen before techniques. During the first part of my Start to finish the tutorial, the RAW file will be processed with Camera Raw. After the RAW file, various techniques will be explained and demonstrated such as my Unique Contrast Control, 2 jpegs from 1 Raw File, Advanced Dodge and Burning, Perfect Selective Color Control, Ultimate Color Balance and Advanced Vignetting. 

Max Rive – From Start to Finish White Mountains

From Start to Finish: DOLOMITES 1.9GB

From Start to Finish + Panorama Technique

Max Rive – ”Green paradise” + 48 MIN BONUS PROCESSING VIDEO + 3 RAW FILES

Green Paradise.rar 4.4GB

Max Rive – Digital Scouting with Google Earth

Digital Scouting WithGoogle Earth.rar 3.4GB

Max Rive – From Instagram Zero To Instagram Hero

Instagram Zero To Instagram Hero.rar 272MB

Max Rive – The Art and Science of Landscape Photography

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    Can you add more max rive's tutorials? Thanks!

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    Posted April 23, 2020 10:18 am 0Likes

    ok i'll try

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